Our social responsibility

For many years, we have been committed to improving living conditions, preserving biodiversity and protecting the climate, environment and animals in the countries we travel to. With us, more than 60% of the travel price remains in the respective travel country and benefits the locals in the form of environmental and educational projects. Per travel participant we create and renew natural areas and expand e.g. new rice cultivation areas in order to develop livelihood security and environmental protection with the locals at the same time.
We make sure that all travel participants enter the country plastic-free and also during our tour we are mindful in dealing with packaging materials on the road.

In addition, we actively support local people in setting up their own businesses through self-help projects. In this way, numerous small businesses have already seen the light of day.

Our philosophy

About Business4Needs & Dreams e.V.

The purpose of the association is to support or create independent, worldwide aid projects together with companies to promote and strengthen self-responsible living and to preserve nature and wildlife.

We support people all over the world to get into their entrepreneurial strength, to discover their potentials and to feel the right self-confidence to believe in themselves and their own competences.

We build livelihoods across generations through good education and community, humanitarian and environmental projects, and guide them into their long-term livelihoods on their own. In the process, we can all learn so much from each other. We develop life-changing projects together for both sides - not out of pity, but out of joy in creating together, in learning and in inner enrichment.

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