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Life Safari®

The management program for entrepreneurs

Ready for the year of your life?

In our award-winning, three-stage LIFE Safari® - Management Program, we combine entrepreneurial training and personal premium coaching with unforgettable adventures in Africa, Germany and other European countries. We learn from animals, foreign cultures and the wisdom of nature and help you to raise your business to a new level with courage, spirit of adventure and enthusiasm. In doing so, we like to work with unusual methods, because our many years of experience have shown us how important inspiration, change of perspective and, above all, emotional learning are for the lasting imprint of development. Our LIFE Safari® management program starts several times a year and runs for 12 months. If required, a shorter package can be arranged for you.

LIFE Safari® Kenya

An unforgettable entrepreneurial adventure trip to the wilderness of Africa

21.9. - 6.10.2024

Kenya is a land of contrasts and wonders in the heart of East Africa, captivating us with its breathtaking natural diversity, rich wildlife and vibrant cultures. From the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya to the vast plains of the Masai Mara, where the "Big Migration" offers a spectacle of life, Kenya creates unique experiences for every adventurer. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean on Kenya's coast beckon with idyllic beaches and colorful coral reefs. This combination of natural beauty and cultural richness invites you to leave everyday life behind and inspires new perspectives on personal and business development.

Accompaniment by local guides through the wilderness as well as impulse generators and sparring partners from business experts with many years of experience make adventures of a very special kind possible. This is where creativity, quick decision-making and team spirit take on a whole new dimension. Modern forms of leadership and work are not developed in theory, but are lived in everyday life.

An unforgettable entrepreneurial journey that is guaranteed to transform your business and prepare yourself and your teams for the future in a way you've never experienced before.

Lioness in the Botswana steppe

Structure of the LIFE Safari® Management Program

Module 1: Base Camp

The LIFE Safari® Base Camp is a 3-day workshop in which the foundation for the following months is laid incl. 4×4 off-road driving training in preparation for the adventure trip. The workshop can also be booked without the annual program. Here you will find the current dates.

What traces have you left in your life so far
? Become clear about where you stand in life and what really makes you tick - both as an entrepreneur and as a private person.

Module 2: Explorer Tour - the adventure trip

Together in a great community of like-minded entrepreneurs, we get out of the daily grind and into the wilderness to work on your deepest desires and most beautiful plans for the future. 

On our LIFE Safaris in Africa, Germany and other European countries we learn from animals, foreign cultures and the wisdom of nature. Feel like a real adventurer and pioneer far away from tourist paths and feel how your entrepreneurial strength grows more every day. 

Module 3: Implementation mentoring

To align your life with your new goals and implement the changes, we will work with you to develop the LIFE Safari implementation strategies and create your individual success plan. 

We actively support you in the implementation as a 24/7 sparring partner with regular face-to-face coaching, group sessions and online impulses.

What makes the program special


The combination of precisely tuned entrepreneurial training & breathtaking experiences offer you deceleration, intense Magic Moments and valuable AHA insights.

Entrepreneur exchange

Exchange with other entrepreneurs during the trip and afterwards in regular masterminds.

giraffe head

Consulting Method
"Big 5 for Leadership

LIFE Safari Consulting with the method: "BIG 5 for Leadership" to experience more clarity, decision-making speed, effectiveness, ease, growth and stability in your everyday business life.

Implementation Mentoring

Entrepreneur training and implementation support in the company over several months, including on the topics of positioning, alignment and strategy.

References of our participants

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Volker Hermeler

Managing Director
Hörakustik Hermeler

"The LIFE Safari was a huge adventure for me in combination with excellent coaching and mentoring. In the middle of the African adventure, I finally had time for myself again and the exchange with other entrepreneurs - terrific!"

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Sabine MIensok

Managing Director
Energy Consulting

"The LIFE Safari is not only a wonderful adventure trip with many, many impressions and very deep experiences [...], but much more a journey to myself - an exciting adventure journey to myself as an entrepreneur!"

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Corinna Tappe

Managing Director
StartUp Teens

"Everyone who is here and feels this energy definitely wants to come back!"

What you can look forward to

The LIFE Safari® Management Program is led by Vera Peters, who was repeatedly named one of the "TOP 100 Business Trainers" in 2021 and the "Most Innovative Entrepreneur" in 2022, and who, together with her team, has already actively supported over 1,600 entrepreneurs and led them to their longed-for success. What you can expect:

For whom is the LIFE Safari® suitable?

Whether a full-blooded entrepreneur who is rolling over in the wheel of his own business every day or a power leader who has lost his life's dreams on the way to the top - the LIFE Safari® Management Program decelerates - and in the process ignites and unfolds undreamed-of potential.

We accompany you in your transformation with a combination of entrepreneurial training, personal premium coaching and unforgettable experiences in Africa, Europe or Germany. On this adventure, discover how you can give your business a deeper meaning and ignite enthusiasm throughout your company.

It doesn't matter whether you run a long-established, traditional company or whether you are just establishing yourself with your start-up.

The following requirements should be met:

You are a business owner, family business owner, leader or other decision maker.

The will to work on yourself

Team of at least 5 employees

LIFE Safari® Next Gen

As a special feature, we also offer our LIFE Safari® Next Gen tours for entrepreneurs and their growing teens. Experience goosebump moments together with profound conversations and unforgettable, bonding experiences. 

Next Gen tours are planned to Kenya in July/August for the year [2024]. Feel free to contact us for more information. 


Our social responsibility

Business and heart go hand in hand during our LIFE Safari®. It is our commitment to give something back to the people who give us unforgettable experiences. That is why we have been working for many years to improve living conditions, preserve biodiversity and protect the climate, environment and species in the countries we visit.

With us, more than 70% of the travel price remains in the respective travel country and benefits the locals in the form of environmental and educational projects. We plant one tree per participant and expand new rice cultivation areas in order to develop livelihood security and environmental protection with the locals at the same time.

We make sure that all tour participants enter the country plastic-free and we are also mindful of the use of packaging materials during our tour. In addition, we actively support local people in setting up their own businesses through self-help projects. In this way, numerous small businesses have already seen the light of day.

More information about our Business4Needs & Dreams e.V. projects can be found here.

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