Applicant Management

Find and retain employees more effectively. All information on our three-part workshop series on recruiting and employee retention can be found here.

Embark on a search for clues

The job market is highly competitive these days and many employers are struggling to fill their vacancies quickly and appropriately. Traditional ways of filling vacancies are expensive and yet do not always bring the desired success.  

How can you reach your desired candidates more precisely?

In our workshop you will find answers to this question! We will track down the thoughts and actions of your ideal candidates. What interests do you have, which (social media) channels do you use? What is important to you for your future job? 

We accompany you in the energetic implementation of your strategic applicant communication. Gain a better understanding of your desired candidates and address them directly and in a targeted manner.  


Contents of the 1st module:

Precise tracking to the desired candidate


Contents of the 2nd module:

Touchpoints & Onboarding

Bringing your employer brand to life

For external marketing of employer attractiveness to be credible and authentic, it must also be equally reflected in the employer's internal structures and values and be tangible - at every point of contact. 

How can you build and live a holistically attractive employer brand? 

For us, an employer brand is not a mere marketing or communication construct, as is often the case in practice. It is more than that, because it is deeply rooted in the identity and values of you as an employer. And this is where we would love to dive deeper with you! 

Become companions

To retain our employees in the long term and keep them satisfied, we have to learn to read their tracks. Are we still going in the same direction together? Is their burden too heavy, do they need support? What goals can we head for together?
How can we become companions to our employees?
We provide you with tips and tricks on how you can do justice to each employee and individually accompany their paths in the company. 

Contents of the 3rd module:

Retain employees

What our participants say

Play Video about workshop-participants-in-the-garden-of-the-little-villa-in-the-pool

Jasmin & Isabella

digatus AG, Munich

Play Video about workshop-participants-in-the-garden-of-the-cottage

Stephen Widdenhöfer

ROOS IT GmbH & Co. KG, Aachen

Play Video about workshop-participants-talk-about-their-experiences

Pasquale & Torsten

Chapman Freeborn OBC, Cologne

Our next dates

We deliberately hold our seminars in a small circle, so that on the one hand we can dive deeply into your topics and work intensively, but on the other hand we naturally also ensure the applicable Corona hygiene rules. Our event takes place in accordance with the currently valid regulations. 


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