Vera Peters

Vera Peters conquers the stages of this world, as a visionary, entrepreneur, speaker & top 100 trainer.
award top 100 trainer

Are you looking for an expert for an energetic talk? Then you've come to the right place!

Vera Peters is the woman who has a clear view of the business jungle. On stage, she talks about her experiences in the wilderness, among other things. As a graduate engineer in aerospace engineering, she takes executives on unique safaris, the LIFE Safaris. There she skillfully combines adventure with great learning moments. She sparkles with creativity, irritates, awakens.

Be amazed, be inspired and learn what we can learn from the laws of wilderness and nature for our business.

Let us inspire you

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Vera Peters offers lectures and trainings suitable to your business challenges and gives you new perspectives on things.

Your specialty? With enthusiasm to success

The way to the stage

In her latest book, Vera Peters co-author writes about her personal path to the stage. Part of this book are 8 perspectives on various ways and possibilities how to successfully master the jump into the limelight.

A very personal book, with different insights, among others on top sports, neuroscience, leadership & Africa, politics, sex, life, words and finances, valuable practical experience and tips for all those who want to take off with their presentations.

This book should set more people on the path to courageously conquer the small and large stages of this world!

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